MegaBody Light Mark 7

$4,499.50 $5,500.00

The LED version of the MARK 7 MegaBodyLight™

offers all the features of the earlier models except there are now significant improvements that make this unit highly effective.  The LED Powerheads are five times brighter and the lamps now last 4 times longer.  Comes complete with a rolling floor stand that hides under your massage table and positions the MegaBodyLight directly over the center of the table.


The MARK 7 MegaBodyLight™ projects light directly onto the body according to the physiological coordinates of Darius Dinshah.  Each “Powerhead” produces LED white light which passes through a carefully selected DICHROIC GLASS color filters.  Each color filter allows only the specific nanometers to pass through, blocking all others.

The MARK 7 MegaBodyLight™ can hang from your massage or quiet room ceiling or mounts and easily rolls on its own floor stand.

The MegaBodyLight™ projects a beam of precise color at each of your body’s seven Chakra Centers simultaneously.

It is also effective during a Massage Therapy or by itself during a comprehensive Lumia Therapy session.


Clinical tests have shown that using the MegaBodyLight:

  • 1 – Helps to normalize blood pressure
  • 2 – Regulates a strong slow pulse- calms you
  • 3 – Facilitates deep slow breathing