Colour Therapy Set for YOUR Bioptron 1

$599.95 $680.00
Now you can have your BIOPTRON 1 modified to hold a BRAND NEW YouTHron®  Colour Therapy Set.  We will take your Bioptron 1 and meticulously remove the "Full Spectrum" filter and modify your port hole to receive the YouTHron® Colour Therapy "adapter".  Then we will permanently attach your Full Spectrum Filter to a YouTHron®   adapter.


Upon completion, your Bioptron 1 will be able to receive the YouTHron®  Colour Therapy Set ADAPTER.  This will allow you to use all 7 of the Colour Therapy Filters.  Remove the adapter and replace it with your modified Full Spectrum Filter and you're back at the start, using the Bioptron 1 as it was originally designed.

Send us your Bioptron 1 and we'll do the rest.  You will receive the YouTHron®  Colour Therapy Set with adapter and your original Full Spectrum Filter attached to its own adapter.

Best BENEFIT:  You can attach your FULLERENE FILTER also!

Contact us directly (800) 553-5554, if you want further explanation.